Sandringham Beach

After the torrential rains that greeted our arrival in Melbourne, Australia subsided, my sister, Carl, and I took my niece and nephew out to explore Sandringham Beach on Port Philip Bay, adjacent to our hotel, the aptly named "Sandy Hotel."

When the rain stopped, the wind started, and what had been fairly placid waters became rough white caps and big waves crashing on the beach as the tide was coming in.

The rough seas were casting large moon jellyfish up onto the beach, which fascinated my niece and nephew. We instructed them not to touch the highly venemous moon jellys, but they were still in awe of them.

After combing the beach for shells and things, we made our way back to the hotel. En route, my niece and nephew got to see a wonder of nature, two lorikeets (small Australian parrots) doing a mating dance and, subsequently, copulating.

As I write this post, the rest of my family has decided not to heed my jet lag warnings and they are power napping. It is after midnight in most parts of the USA right now but even though I am exhausted, I am going to try to burl on through to an early bed time and reset my biological clock "au naturel."

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