Snobs Creek Falls

My family is quite risk averse. I guess I am the thrillseeker among us and that is not saying much. We had to wind the minivan up a rather narrow "mountain road" with a drop off on one side and a risk of falling rock on the other, in order to check out Snobs Creek Falls, something of a tourist attraction near our motel in rural Thornton Australia, northwest of Melbourne (in tje bush). There was ample width for two vehicles on this road...but barely. When a couple of large logging trucks came barreling down the hill as we were going up, my dad cautiously and skillfully navigated the mini to the left to allow them to pass. However, my mom and sister veritably crapped themselves with panic and immediately became convinced that we were surely going over the cliff, or in a best case scenario we would get a flat tire and have no way to call for help, and would be stranded in the bush to die of starvation, about a half mile from civilization. I have no idea why the stress hormones skyrocket when my family is together, but there is no reasoning with it once it starts.

They began a campaign of trying to convince my dad to turn around the next chance he got, but of course there were no chances and any attempt to try to turn or large mini around on the narrow winding road would likely have been more perilous.

I suggested to my family that the awesomeness of the falls we sought would be proportionate to the risk experienced in getting there, but this was clearly not a compelling case for my white knuckled kinfolk.

Of course, we made it to the falls, and while I cannot say with certainty that they were as impressive as I had proposed, they were still pretty cool. After we saw them, we were able to easily turn the mini around in the parking area of the scenic outlook.

This is trout fishing country apparently, and I have dropped some hints that perhaps taking my twin niece and nephew fishing would be a way to keep them from losing their minds from the boredom of sightseeing alone...

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