Strike 3 for Obamacare Customer Service and the Healthcare.gov Online Portal

I don’t know what is wrong with the people who run healthcare.gov, but they appear to be total morons.

Yesterday, I called them a third time to try to get my password reset so I could log into my portal during the open enrollment period starting next week and change my plan options (because if I stay on my current plan, my premium is jumping 12% from $342/month to $389/month…so much for affordable health care and reducing health costs!).

The two times I called earlier in the week, their servers were down and no one could access their systems to help me. They said to call back the next day.

Weak. Those were strikes one and two.

Yesterday, I called again and got through to a pleasant customer service representative with a working system. To their credit, the customer service reps are always super nice and polite and understanding.

I explained to her that I was locked out of the portal and needed a password reset. She said she would send me an e-mail with password reset instructions within 24 hours. While I had her on the phone, I had her update my address, since I moved over the summer.

This morning, I got the promised e-mail and here is what it said: "You have a new message waiting for you in your Marketplace account. click [sic] here to log in and read the message."

What the flying f*ck?

Think about that for a minute…if I could log into my goddam account, I wouldn’t need a password reset now, would I?

I want to punch whoever designed healthcare.gov in the nut sack. Hard.

I am thrice the single payer advocate I was before.

I will probably call some private insurers directly to find a plan. Healthcare.gov is useless to me.

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