The Final Countdown...TOO ROCK!

You know, my band really should cover FINAL COUNTDOWN, the fight song by 80s band Europe. Just for Shiites and Googles.

But that’s tangential to the topic at hand, which is that in about eight hours from now, GUPPY EFFECT (my band) will be deep into exploring the rock-n-roll cosmos at our rock-n-roll show in Beaver Dam WI tonight. It’s at a bowling alley called Tower Lanes, and so we are theming it on the Big Lebowski, and we’ll be dressing up as movie characters, the whole works!

The Dude: Bass and vocals
Walter: Drums
The Jesus (aka the Jeebus): Guitar and vocals

We are totally geeked to have the maximum fun allowed by law (and slightly more) playing music tonight. It’s always a gamble to know if a lot of people will come to a show, but my sense is that most of our friends and fans recognize that our Lebowski parties are unhinged, only happen once a year, and are ridiculously fun.

Conversely, the Polar Vortex is in town for an extended visit, and even though it is not snowing or anything inclement like that, some people respond to cold weather by curling up into the fetal position in the middle of their living room floor, next to the wood burning stove, and entering a catatonic state for several hours, a circumstance that is mutually exclusive to putting on dancing shoes and headgear, and coming out to a hilarious rock-n-roll party with awesome people and booze (Irish coffee is clinically proven to cure the winter chills 100% within a matter of minutes). Once people are in the warmth of the venue, "liquid courage" does the rest.

Coming just a fortnight after Halloween, our party/show also falls right around the time when people are getting nostalgic for the good time they just had dressing up in clever costumes for trick or treating debauchery. So we are encouraging people to creatively dress up as their favorite Lebowski characters and we’ll be doing a little contest where we judge the best costume amongst those who are bold enough to don a movie themed alter ego for the night.

Instead of candy...there's BEER!

From experience, most Midwesterners are too timid to costume up in public outside of Halloween, so the pool of contestants ought to be small enough to improve peoples’ chances of winning. If it goes way better than our expectations, we’ll even give prizes for movie scene re-enactments. There’s a lot of grist for the mill at a bowling alley. No guns or Pomeranians please!

My friend Sherry knows a guy who owns a marmot, and if he dresses up as a nihilist and shows up with the marmot on a leash, he would win my vote hands down. However, this seems like a long shot, for several reasons, not the least of which is probably health code issues with bringing a rodent into a public food and beverage establishment. Marmots (aka ferrets) crap all over the place, is my understanding. Maybe he could make the case that it is a “seeing eye” service marmot…hahaha.

Anyway, it’s hard to sit through a full work day when I know there is rock show tonight.


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