The Hot Breakfast

About two hours until the flight is due to land in Melbourne, they served us breakfast. I have to hand it to QANTAS for having decent plane food. Although they ran out of chicken during dinner when the trip began, so I had to eat the beef, it was delicious. They also serve free booze on QANTAS flights, even in economy. I didn't drink any, but that's classy. Airlines that are classy get my approval. Booze is not a huge expense and airlines should spring for it, at least on long international flights.

There were two breakfast options - cereal or eggs and bacon. The Aussies refer to eggs and bacon as "hot breakfast." That was a no brainer for me. The eggs were decent and the bacon thick and succulent.

The coffee was OK too except that the quantity was insufficient. I will need to supplement as soon as I get off this plane.

Stay tuned. The action begins real soon!

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