The Science of Interstellar

Last Friday night, I saw the movie Interstellar with some friends. It was quite good. It was a serious attempt by Hollywood to use real science in a sci fi movie, and it did a pretty good job of it. It had a decent plot too, and good characters. Imperfect characters.

Physicist Kip Thorne was a consultant on the movie (and an executive producer, it seems). He wrote a companion book to the movie called "The Science of Interstellar," and I was fascinated enough by the concepts in the movie that I downloaded this book onto my Kindle. At $9.99, this book was actually cheaper than the movie, which I saw in a mainstream movie theater for a ridiculous $14 (including $1 service fee for ordering online...but I digress).

I have been reading the book on Kindle and it's pretty interesting stuff, the science of black holes and gravity and other dimensions. Kip Thorne is a decent writer of pop science. Understandable.

As it turns out, November is National Novel Writing Month, and now I have it in my head to crank out a work of science fiction. This novel writing thing is kind of like February Album Writing Month for writing songs. It's not about quality, but quantity. You can edit and refine later. The idea is to get the words on paper as quickly as possible.

So I might just do that. I'll have some time for journaling and writing when I am vacationing to Australia in less than a fortnight. I must remember to bring my journals.

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