Trying to Figure Out Yesterday's Election

I cannot figure out how Scott Walker won yesterday’s Wisconsin Governor’s race. But I have a hypothesis.

His opponent, Mary Burke, was a lackluster corporatist moderate, and was for many the lesser of two evils. She supported an ALEC sponsored bill to amend the WI Constitution with a DoT lockbox, to protect big construction businesses. What?

The Democrats lack a progressive wing of their party equivalent to the Republicans’ Tea Party movement and this hurts them in elections. They are perceived as soft and too compromising by real progressives.

They try to be too moderate and coddle the middle of the political spectrum, but most of the independents and undecided voters reside in the tails of the normal distribution, not in the middle.

Divisive extremism is a terrible way to govern, but a great way to win elections.

Democrats need to play hardball on progressive values and not fear the LIBERAL label (because they are going to get that label no matter how moderate they are anyway).

Until then, Republicans will run rough shod over them in every election.

On the bright side, Wisconsinites supported referenda to raise the WI minimum wage and to recognize gay marriages. So they are not completely heartless.

Wisconsin needs a Bernie Sanders to motivate the progressives in the state, whose numbers are greater than Dems give them credit for.

Russ Feingold...we need you!

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