10 Things I Am Grateful For

I am reading kind of a goofy touchy feely self help book right now called "You Are a Badass." I don't agree with all of the assumptions and theoretical framework, but a lot of it I do and the rest I can at least tolerate as well meaning.

It is basically about positive thinking and manifesting positive outcomes by way of said thinking. Most authors of these kinds of books take a spiritual angle rather than a rational one using science. It must be that they have difficulty making a strong scientific case. So I will make one, and it is pretty simple.

Positive thinking = positive doing.

A positive thought is a creative thought and the creative process is an integration of a whole bunch of small creative iterations leading to the creative goal. Positive thinking is visualizing what you want to create, then having an open mind to opportunities that move you in that direction. Where are you now and what actions can you take that bring you closer to the goal?

Seems easy enough. But then there is negativity that creeps in and works against positivity.

When Michelangelo made the David, he looked at the marble block and saw David. He didn't see what wasn't David - non-David - except to know where to chisel away marble to reveal the envisioned David. But I am sure there was negativity working against him. He probably suffered from the poor ergonomics when he had to paint the Sistene Chapel. His landlord was probably a douche harshing his gig to stop being a starving artist, get a real job, and pay his rent. Even with negativity undermining him, he still focused on a positive vision and succeeded in achieving it. 

Maybe there were other creations Michelangelo abandoned because of negativity. But we only have his positive creations and they rock.

Anyway, this book I am reading had an exercise to write down 10 things I am grateful for. So what the heck, I am on an airplane, I'll do it. She wants me to do it daily, but baby steps. Let's see how it goes.

1. I am super grateful for the opportunity I just had to go to Australia for over a fortnight with my whole extended family.

2. I am grateful that even though I have a middle seat on this flight from LAX to Denver, it is not a really long flight and my parenthetical seat mates are not fat.

3. I am grateful that I like to write and do it fairly well.

4. I am grateful for the large cup of coffee I got at LAX that is (barely) keeping me conscious, so I can burl on through to bedtime and hopefully crush jet lag with a good night's sleep.

5. I am grateful this LAX to DEN flight took off on schedule and I will more than likely make my connection to get to Madison by 10:50 tonight.

6. I am grateful to play rhythm guitar in awesome punk rock band EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE and to know and work with band leader Tim, who I highly respect and admire as a musician and songwriter.

7. I am grateful that in Australia I got to eat fish and chips, swim with sea turtles, and go to many places I haven't been to in a while or ever.

8. I am grateful I have dual citizenship with Australia so I can live there someday.

9. I am grateful that QANTAS airlines serves free booze on all domestic and international flights.

10. I am grateful that I met Tim and Holly on the long QANTAS flight to LAX yesterday, that they were fun and pleasant seat mates, that I learned about Perth and Western Australia from Holly, and that Holly smelled really nice, like flowers, the whole trip (really quite amazing...I smelled like dank hay and corn chips).

11. I am grateful that my sister offered up her day room at the LAX Travelodge today so that I could shower off 13 hours of 747 international air travel stank.

That's one more than the assignment required. I suspect over time, if I keep this up, it will be hard to stop at 10. These go to 11.


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