2014 in Retrospect

Today I realized I will be ending 2014 on an all time high, probably. At least it seems like I have never ended a year this high before. Some of that is the endorphins talking, since earlier today I went to a Jazzercise class with my friend Sherry and shook my proverbial (and cute, if I do say so myself) booty for a pretty decent workout. And I have my bike trainer set up at last for the long cold hard months of January and February in WI, so I can keep my winter weight at bay. I "spun" furiously a few times this week and I had lost 7 pounds by the time I weighed yesterday. Part of that is also my good diet. Thanks to doing the Paleolithic diet study in October, to which I adhered quite well, and cutting way back on carbs in general the past couple months. I did deviate from good nutritional practices a bit during the fortnight I spent in Australia with my extended family in late November and early December. That trip also contributed considerably to the high on life state I now find myself in. I also recently got a second chance to apply for a dream job at a fitness equipment company that I applied to back in July (but was bested by someone else). I cannot say what will be the outcome this time, but it's nice to have another shot at it. As a result of the trip down under, my whole family got to avoid a lot of the hideousness and commercialism of Christmas, celebrating the true meaning of the holiday by being together doing something fun and far away from American drama. Australia has its drama but the general public doesn't eat it up as much as they do here. I also joined a fantastic punk rock band in 2014 called EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE. Six months ago, I would not have envisioned myself playing rhythm guitar in a punk rock band but I am glad I am. The musicians are talented and fun and the songs are excellent.

So that's why 2014 is ending on a high. The weather's not bad either and my income stream is quite satisfactory.

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