A Tuesday Night

In a few minutes, I am going to leave work. I am going to go to CostCo and pick up some bison burger, then cruise home.

Today, I got three dozen CSA free range eggs delivered to me at work. I am going to make a nice bison and egg fritter for dinner.

Then I am going to practice EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE songs ahead of Wednesday night’s practice. I am pretty well honed on the material we played at MaxMas last Saturday, but I need to refresh on some of the other material that I have not played since I got back from Australia.

The country band is practicing tonight too, but they don’t need me because a sub bass player is playing the January 9-10 shows up in Minocqua. That’s my birthday weekend and the thought of driving three hours to northern Wisconsin in the middle of January did not sound like a very good birthday present, even though I am sure the shows would have been fun. I had offered to go to band practice tonight and record it for the benefit of the other bass player, so he can hone his parts. But the band never confirmed if they wanted that, so I’ll assume not. Plus, the EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE songs are a top priority. EAD is doing some kind of indie horror TV show thing at the Madison Media Institute this coming Sunday afternoon, prior to Steel Panther at the Orpheum (which I am going to with Stefan).

After rocking a while, my date is picking me up at 8 PM and we are going someplace for fondue chocolate and dessert.

Such is my Tuesday. It’s actual EAD practice Wednesday night and GUPPY EFFECT practice on Thursday night. I hope to cull the setlist for GE a bit on Thursday and persuade the dudes that the band should go in a more original music direction and get away from all but a few choice covers.

More work involved in that strategy. But also more fun and satisfaction.

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