Exit Rows Are Fantastic

I don't know if it was because we were late making our connection in Brisbane for the flight to Gladstone Australia (google please, geography buffs), but for whatever reason, my seat had been changed from somewhere in the back of the plane to an exit row.

After a quick cost benefit analysis, I have determined that exit row seats are fantastic. The leg room is ridiculously spacious, a huge benefit for tall people like me.

The costs are that you are not allowed to put your carry on bag under the seat in front of you. It has to go in the overhead compartment. You also have to read a short one page laminated information sheet on how to operate the emergency exits in case of an in flight emergency (a misnomer, if you think about it...). Redundantly, a flight attendant (in this case, a cute one) pretty much reiterates everything on the sheet verbally.

Knowing that air travel is fantastically safer than any other form of transportation and that the inside of a flying plane is actually the safest place anywhere on the planet, the leg room benefits of an exit row far exceed the cost in heroics, should the plane crash.

Even more so on a QANTAS flight, which this is, if the movie Rain Man with Dustin Hoffmann is to be believed.

Plus, if you survived a crash, would a little recognition for heroism be that bad?

Well, excuse me while I extend my legs to their maximum and read my book.

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