I'm on a Boat

I am on a high speed catamaran boat to Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef (south end) off the coast of Gladstone AUS (please google map it for geographic reference, my dear readers).

The boat is called the Heron Islander. Already, I saw a woman get busted for putting on nail polish. Volatile chemicals are strictly forbidden on Heron Island because the reef is such a sensitive ecosystem. Another family had its snack foods confiscated. You are not allowed to bring your own food or drink to the island either. I will soon find out if there is a commercial basis for this (monopolistic overpriced food vendors on the island) or an ecological one (the cost and feasibility of trash removal on a small island far off the coast of mainland Australia), not that these are mutually exclusive reasons.

My mom and sister took Dramamine and pretty much went right to sleep on the boat. I don't get sea sick and I love boats too much to knock myself out. I love boats so much I would probably join the Merchant Marine if I could.

More to come once I am off this boat, which is a pretty fun and awesome ride across the swells of the open Indian Ocean. I cannot see any land at the moment.

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