I Saw 5 Bands This Weekend If You Include My Own

My weekend was action packed. On Friday night, I went to see a rock-n-roll show, where I met my friends Sherry, Peter, and Danielle. The bands were amazingly good, but I was so energized afterwards that I had trouble sleeping and ended up sleeping in on Saturday morning until almost noon. I probably needed the rest. I had no plans on Saturday, but Sherry had invited me to a wine party at the last minute, so I decided to go to that. It was at the apartment of a mutual friend named Abigail. I feasted on cheese and crackers and had nice conversations with people. Sherry was tired, so we did not stay too late.

On Sunday morning, I did the unthinkable. I went to church. Sherry and I went to the 9 AM service at the west side Frank Lloyd Wright Unitarian Church. The fact that I went on the Sunday right before Christmas was total coincidence, since I am an atheist. I went there to scope for women, hypothesizing that I could date a woman with liberal values like the Unitarians have. Sadly, the service was attended only by elderly Madison liberal elites that live in the neighborhoods around the church. Fine people, but not my type. But it was still fun. The sermon was on the many different conflicting descriptions of Jesus throughout the ages, a topic of scholarly interest to me. After the sermon, we got a tour of the old Frank Lloyd Wright Meeting House, which is a historical landmark, though no longer used for services because it is too small (Side Note: When I attended this church years ago, while I still lived in Whitewater WI, the service was still in the old building).

Sherry and I went to Einstein’s Bagels for brunch after the church tour and reflected on events from the rock-n-roll show the night before, then parted ways.

At 1 PM, I loaded my guitar gear in my car and drove to drummer Dan’s house for an EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE practice ahead of a studio recording session later in the afternoon. We were asked to perform on a segment of the Madison Cable Access TV show “Bordello of Horror.” So around 3 PM, we carpooled over to the Madison Media Institute and did a few takes of a couple songs, and interviewed with the show’s host. Mostly Tim (aka Eddie), the band leader, did all the talking.

I was home by about 5 PM and made some dinner before heading out again, to see the band STEEL PANTHER at the Orpheum Theater in Madison, with my buddy Stefan, his fiancee Kat, and another guy named Lars.

Steel Panther is a ridiculous hair metal band with a raunchy schtick. They are good showmen, and clever, notwithstanding the cruder elements of their music. So I was entertained. They brought some audience members up on stage (all women) for their antics, but I think some of them were plants, not actual fans, because they acted exactly like the band intended for them to. It was over the top. We didn’t drink any overpriced beer at the show, but afterwards we retired to Cooper’s Irish Pub around the corner for a nightcap. Once again, I was out too late, and I am tired at work. But, it was worth it, and this week is a lighter load as far as work and rocking, so I get to take it really easy most nights. No band practices until next Tuesday. I fully plan to work on some book writing, piano practice, and WORT volunteerism in my copious spare time.

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