I may have to rescind my praise for Australian airport security. The outgoing flight from Brisbane to LA had a few unnecessary hassles. I realize a lot of these hassles are the result of primitive and ineffective American security policies the Australians have been forced to adopt, so I may not rescind my praise. As 21st century technology goes, the Aussies are fully on top of it.

A lot of the blame for delays goes to passenger human error. Why do so many people wait until they are at security to pull their sh!t together? Laptops out, cosmetics bagged, hats and jackets off!

I actually have to give one Aussie airport security guy high praise. When a family of people started holding up the line at the scanners and metal detectors fussing around with getting their stuff on the conveyor, he just started grabbing their sh!t and hauled it down the line for them. It was awesome.

Do some people want to be the people everyone abhors and ridicules? DO NOT BE THAT PERSON!

I did get to be a guinea pig in the testing of some new passport and face recognition scanners. That was cool, even though the test failed for my sister's family because of her kids. Apparently kids under 16 just crap right in the works. I had issues when I got to the actual human customs official and the crappy picture on my Aussie passport didn't scan right. It was quickly remedied, but caused a slight delay. The cool thing was that I didn't even need my American passport. They were only interested in my Australianness.

I just found out our QANTAS flight to LA is two hours delayed. Poo on that. I am docking QANTAS Airlines a couple of stars. I might miss my connecting flight in LA, which will suck. Grrr.

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