Second Chances

The COSMOS sent me a somewhat welcome early Christmas present yesterday, albeit a small one.

A posting hit the online job boards a second time for a “dream job” that I had applied for back in July, as a technical communications specialist at a fitness equipment manufacturer in Cottage Grove WI, near Madison.

I did not land the job at that time, although I thought I interviewed well. I didn’t take it personally, because all that means is that they hired someone they felt was superior to me in some way(s), and who can blame them for that?

For example, one of the desirable but not essential skills listed in the job description was being bilingual in French or Spanish (the company markets internationally). It was not an essential skill, but I lack it. So all else held constant, if I was up against a bilingual candidate, I’d expect to lose, and that’s not something to take personally. I might have taken it to heart, which is different than taking it personally, and learned Spanish better in the meanwhile (I didn’t do that either).

Anyway, it is a waste of time to take things personally, if you always do your best, which I did. I know I am pretty rocking on technical writing and I have a lot of experience in the health and fitness realm. So I bring a lot to the table.

The current job description looked identical to the one from six months ago. I am not sure if they are hiring a second technical communications specialist, or if the person they hired before has moved on for some reason and the position is now open again.

In any case, I submitted my application lickety split. It was easier the second time around, because I had saved out my prior cover letter and only had to tweak it a little bit based on what I learned during the previous interview process, as far as what they are looking for. I also still had the contact email of the Human Resources contact person, so instead of applying via the cumbersome online interface, I submitted directly via email.

I received an email back from the HR woman yesterday afternoon, indicating she was glad to see I was still interested and that she would put me in the running for the job. She also said a phone interview wouldn’t be necessary because I had interviewed during the prior year. Score!

I don’t believe in fate, but I do believe in jumping at second chances when they come along. It would be sweet to work at this company, a place I could see myself at for the long term, doing work I am about as passionate about as one can be in corporate America (fitness and health).

If I got the job, it would be a bit ironic, since Cottage Grove is closer to Cambridge WI, where I moved from this past summer to be closer to Madison. So my commute would be longer if I got the job, and it would also entail driving on the despised Beltline Highway, rife with imbecile drivers most of the time. However, that would be a minor inconvenience compared with the benefit of landing a dream job.

I like where I am working now, but one should never pass up a dream job. Never.

So let’s hope the New Year brings good news!

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