The Long Haul

I am at the Los Angeles airport, or LAX in the vernacular, after a 13 hour flight across the Indian and Pacific Oceans from Brisbane Australia.

I got a couple hours of light sleep on the Boeing 747-400. It was not nearly enough to feel rested, but may have fooled jet lag enough to get me through to a good night's sleep tonight.

It is 2 PM Wednesday in LA, which is like 9 AM Thursday in Brisbane (I have been more or less traveling since 7 AM Wednesday Brisbane time, when I last slept in a real bed. So 26 hours and counting. Still seven hours to go. If I can power through, I will sleep like a baby tonight and nip jet lag in the bud. But I may cat nap on the Denver and Madison flights.

If I were still in Brisbane, I would be finishing up an all you can eat breakfast and getting ready to sight see or do something fun. I miss Australia immensely and I have only been gone a day. I have to get back there. It is like getting back to the island on the TV show LOST.

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