Third World

I don't feel great about being back in the USA after being in fantastic 21st century Australia for over a fortnight. But I suppose it is character building to live and work in what is increasingly becoming a third world country. I am glad to live in Madison WI, which is marginally more progressive. But Australia is definitely on my radar for early retirement or when Americans let everything go all to sh!t, which may happen sooner than later.

I had a decent QANTAS flight home and sat next to some pleasant people. The flight was delayed but our travel agent got me on a later flight no problem. It has a tight connection but if there are no more serious delays, I should make it.

My sister hooked up a day room at the LAX Travelodge and I got a good shower after 13 hours in a metal cigar. I am going to shuttle it back to LAX here shortly and head back to Madison via Denver.

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