Tilt Train to Brisbane

We are on a train along the coast of Queensland AUS traveling from Gladstone to Brisbane, where we will spend half of today and all of tomorrow, before my sister, Carl, the twins, and I board a plane in Brisbane and travel to the third world nation of the United States of America. We will be on a sabbatical there for most of 2015. She will be in the state of Colorado and I will be in Wisconsin. We will be doing paid charity work there. I will be working at a hospital and my sister and Carl will be teaching at a college for over privileged anti-intellectuals. This is how I have to view my return to the USA because I can barely bring myself to leave fantastic first world 21st century Australia for regressive stuck in the 20th century America. No offense to Americans, of course. They ELECTED to resist progress in developing an awesome society, and God bless 'em. That's democracy. It's just not my cup of tea.

I am lucky to have dual citizenship with Australia and this is my get out of jail free card when America goes completely to sh!t. I have been dealt a fortuitous hand of cards in that respect. That is why I am all the more puzzled why Americans seem to vote collectively for things that weaken and harm the only country they have. There's no escape pod for them. But perhaps they are trusting in Super Jesus to swoop in and save them all when the chips are down.

The Aussies have an incredible transportation infrastructure of trains, planes, ferries, trams, and busses. They pay dearly for this but the benefits far exceed the costs because the people here are rational and do not accept bureaucratic waste and inefficiency in government. They bitch about it very vociferously and the politicians listen. Because of the fantastic educational system here (university is free and underwritten by taxpayers...after all, who, besides Americans, wants to live in a country full of idiots and ideologues?), the powers of anti-intellectualism can't easily pull the wool over the eyes of Australians. They are a tough bunch, not easily scared into acting against their own self interests. In America, the anti-intellectuals have succeeded in privatizing schools to efficiently dumb down and indoctrinate American children, so when they grow up they no longer think. They regurgitate ideological memes and glorify idiocy. Just watch American TV, especially commercials. Men especially are portrayed as buffoons. Women are usually portrayed as sex objects, or ridiculed if they do not fit narrow stereotypes, and they are deprived of control of their own bodies by the aforementioned dumb brutes.

I know I am hard on America. But I want them to be awesome, not settle for mediocrity, lack of values, and anti-intellectualism. It seems like an uphill battle though. Americans really embrace an ignorance is bliss philosophy, even though there seems to be a dearth of bliss when they are pressed on the subject. They are generally pissed off about most things, yet they are apathetic and rarely resist authority or do anything to change the crumbling socio-political infrastructure around them. They are great at blaming other people for their problems though, rarely taking responsibility for or control of their own small plot of the cosmos. This is evidenced by the last election when progressives lost BIG. All the progressive pundits were laying blame left and right for why they lost...everwhere except for squarely on themselves where it actually lies. The progressives in politics do just about everything wrong when it comes to putting up candidates and winning elections. They totally suck up the the mediocre mainstream middle and thus have no appeal to real progressives, who aren't strongly compelled to vote as a result. Because progressives have standards and they don't succumb to the philosophy of voting for the lesser of two evils. Evil is evil. Tea partiers will vote on emotions like hatred of liberals though, so conservatives get more voters out by fear and hate mongering. Once progressives learn that they need a motivational equivalent to the tea party, they'll start winning elections. Think Elizabeth Warren, Russ Feingold, and Bernie Sanders...quality people with values even a moderate conservative could like.

Well these are just my opinions and they don't mean a goddam thing. I am a proponent of the philosophy that a wise man knows he knows nothing. So let's go with that and there's no need to counter my beliefs with yours. It would be a waste of time anyway because we are unlikely to see eye to eye.

If you don't share my views, I will go ahead and be the better person and say YOU WIN. You are right and I am wrong. Cool? Cool.

Beliefs - anyone's beliefs - are quite inconsequential because on the grand scheme of things, none of us knows jack sh!t and REALITY waits for no one.

In any case, I am in business class on a tilt train going to Brisbane. There's an asshole sitting behind me who keeps banging my seat, inconsiderate bastard, but beyond that it's a fun ride. More to come...

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