Warm Water

My principle beverage is water. I like to drink it warm, especially in the winter.

I'll take my water bottle, fill it at the tap, and put it in the microwave for a minute (in summer) or two (in winter). It's not as hot as tea or coffee, but warm enough to raise my core body temperature.

For some reason, when I do this, everyone looks at me like I am crazy.

"How can you drink water with out ice?" they ask, implicitly or explicitly.

Everyone I know drinks water with ice, even in the cold Wisconsin winter.

I think they are the ones that are crazy. When you drink iced water, you are lowering your core body temperature significantly. This can be great in the hottest part of the summer when you are outside, but in the coldest part of winter, or indoors with air conditioning, it is idiotic.

I love warmth. I hate cold. I have to live someplace warm someday, sooner than later. Wisconsin winters are cold. I don't want to add to my chill by drinking icy water. I want warm water to take the chill away.

Additionally, my buddy Stefan is a health inspector. He said the ice machines at bars and restaurants are the primary source of pathogenic bacterial contamination, in his experience. So even if you drink iced water at home, you should avoid doing so at public establishments.

Ice making also uses energy, which pollutes the air with fossil fuel waste.

So even though I am in the minority, I think the majority needs to explain the compulsion to drink iced water, especially in the cold winter months.

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