Who is Gladstone Paradise For?

Gladstone AUS is not a bad little town but it is dreadfully overpriced and touristy. Snobbish might be a good word. The ditzy blonde at the hotel reception desk has zero enthusiasm or personality. I tried to get some kind of human response from her, but she'd have none of it.

Where we are situated lacks the working class vibe of the places we have heretofore visited. I hope we can elucidate where, if anywhere, in Gladstone we can find cheap beer and food. Nothing is really cheap in Australia, but there's common man pricing and tourist pricing. We had grown accustomed to the former in the state of Victoria Australia, but the state of Queensland is thus far losing points with the Leonard family, and me in particular. Not that they should care, but this travel blog is read by hundreds if not thousands of people.

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