40 Days, the Cosmos, and Demons

I am in no way superstitious or religious (one and the same?).

Anything that happens in the world or to me has to be explained by reason and science.

Anything unexplained is not necessarily unexplainable with reason and science. It just hasn't been explained yet.

I cannot explain how sometimes the COSMOS seems to be working in my favor, but that does not mean it is not explainable.

On the recommendation of a source I trust, I downloaded a book to my Kindle (Android phone with Kindle app) called "Write It Down - Make It Happen."

The book's premise is simple. If you ask things of the COSMOS in writing, things that you really want, those things will come true. What it is essentially saying is if you write down your vision and goals, you will find ways to achieve them...at least most of them. This is basically how the creative process works. You envision something and then iteratively go about achieving the envisioned thing. This book is just saying you can make these envisioned things more manifest by writing down the things you want (wishful doing), as opposed to just thinking about them (wishful thinking). Writing them down locks it into your psyche and pushes it out into the COSMOS, so it is more real and concrete and memorable and actionable by said COSMOS (i.e., you).

The COSMOS (your COSMOS, the reality you create) hears the request and grants it when you open your mind to receiving it. For example, you may be more focused on a goal because you wrote it down and made it more concrete, and subsequently, you might recognize opportunities that facilitate reaching your goal when they appear in your quadrant of the COSMOS - opportunities you might not have recognized before writing it down and giving it some tangible girth in the real world.

I bought a new journal last week, and I have made this journal my COSMIC REQUEST journal. I use it to write down the things I want the COSMOS to provide to me. Important things. There are essentially three major requests I have for the COSMOS (I am not going to share those things here though, to keep them unsullied...they are for me and the COSMOS) pertaining to my overall quality of life and the pursuit of my life passions. There are some smaller sub-requests that tie into those big items - complimentary adjunct requests. I can also use the journal to request things at random as needed, even if they are unrelated to the primary requests.

I thought the book's concept was a bit hokey, and perhaps I still do, since the author doesn't try to give any rational scientific basis for how these cosmic requests may manifest themselves. But yesterday, before the open jam at Funk's Pub, I wrote in my Cosmic Request journal something to the effect of: Dear Cosmos, please make audience attendance at the Funk's open jam really good tonight.

Typically, the jam is poorly attended. It's a Sunday night, so most people who have day jobs are at home curled up on their bedroom floors in a catatonic fetal position, weeping uncontrollably from the fact that they have to go back to their dreaded workplaces on Monday morning. Most of the people who do come to the jam are the musicians who want to jam (some may not even have day jobs). There might be three to five attendees who are friends with the musicians, but attendance is consistently poor at the jam.

Oddly, last night, we got the highest attendance I have ever seen at Funk's Pub on jam night. It was a packed house, at least early on, because a fairly popular 11 piece funk band showed up for the jam and they brought a large entourage of people with them.

My cosmic request appeared to have worked remarkably well, and all I did was write it down. A superstitious man might have made the mistake of thinking the COSMOS was a sentient being that has the power to grant any wish. In a sense, the COSMOS is a sentient being...because it's YOU. That is, your experience of existence is your COSMOS. You create your own reality and your destiny.

It may be hard to explain how just writing down my request for a high audience turnout at the jam could manifest that, since I don't have much sway over anyone else's decision to come to the jam. However, I am confident it is explainable. There is a rational explanation.

In retrospect, Tyler, the guy who runs the open jam, did post on Facebook that there would be an 11 piece funk band at the jam. I had forgotten that when I wrote in my Request Journal, but the fact was residing somewhere in my subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is responsible for a lot of strange thoughts and behaviors.

Today (Monday) is also Martin Luther King Jr. day, a fact that in retrospect I knew but did not consider consciously when writing in the journal. Some people did not have to work today (the ones who work for less racist employers), and so last night they may have been prone to coming out for the live music and some drink).

So while I did not consciously realize that turnout would be very high because of the funk band and the partial holiday, perhaps subconsciously I did make that connection. That's easy to say in 20/20 hindsight, but thus far it is the only rational explanation I have been able to come up with for why when I requested a good turnout for the jam, it came true.

It's true that I had no way of knowing what kind of a draw the funk band would garner, even if I had consciously remembered they were coming. However, it was statistically likely that a band that large would bring in a lot of people. If you have 11 musicians and each one brings three friends, that's 33 people, not counting the musicians themselves. So someplace in my big brain, an algorithm was probably run that favored a good draw at the jam, and my request in my journal was the conscious manifestation of this subconscious algorithm, thus making it appear as if it were MAGIC.

This appears to be what happened. I did not consciously know the draw would be high, but I may have subconsciously known it would be when I made my request. So it appears that the COSMOS was answering my request, but it was kind of already sort of known...to my inner COSMOS (subconscious), which is more intelligent than I give it credit for.

One of the sub-requests tied into one of the three main requests I put to the COSMOS was to lose a pantload of weight this year, sooner than later. I wrote this request in the Cosmic Journal on Saturday (two days ago) and received a strong sign from the COSMOS on Sunday (yesterday) empowering me to achieve this weight loss goal. The strong sign amplified my power to achieve the goal, because it was very meaningful. I don't need to go into what the sign was exactly, but suffice it to say it was quite motivating, because it ties into one of my three primary requests to the COSMOS (that I cannot mention here).

The weight loss goal is to lose 40 pounds. It just so happens that from today, there are exactly 40 days until the end of February. Exactly 40! The timing could not be more perfect. Granted, the end of February is an arbitrary end point, but arbitrary end points are exactly what this boy needs for cosmic empowerment to achieve my requested ends.

The modified goal now is to lose 40 pounds in the next 40 days with the aid of the COSMIC empowerment that was received yesterday. The 40 day challenge begins today and I will track my progress for you here.

DAY 1: I went to Copps grocery store near my house on Saturday, soon after making the weight loss sub-request in my Cosmic Journal. Guided by that request, and thus being more mentally open to opportunities, I secured a great deal of vegetables and salad fixings. Salads are filling yet low calorie and I make a ridiculously good spinach and tofu salad. This morning, I decided to fast until at least noon, to reduce my daily calories intake. I worked out on the bike trainer for 60 minutes just before lunchtime, and then I made a salad. It was good and it should last me through Jazzercize class with Sherry tonight. For dinner, I will most likely make turkey chili, rich in vegetables and legumes. Then I will watch my portion sizes. My dad's chili recipe, that I make, is delicious and it is compelling to eat more than I should. But I am on a mission now, so let's see how it goes. I am going to be roughly following the 4 Hour Body diet plan, which is 6 days of strict adherence to a health diet, and one free day per week, which will most likely be Sunday, but might be Friday or Saturday sometimes.

Somewhat related to this post's theme, I don't believe in Demons. But Demons are a good way to anthropomorphize life's challenges and obstacles so you can "do battle" with them to eliminate them from your true path in life. It makes life sort of fun to think you are fighting a mischievous imp. Overeating is one of my Demons. Even though I generally eat healthy and exercise, I eat too much. I recognize this and I am putting this Demon on notice. The other Demon is beer. I have cut way back on my beer consumption, but I am extremely carbohydrate sensitive and beer is empty calories. So for the remainder of the 40 day challenge, no beer or booze (never drank booze anyway, but just to be clear).

The COSMOS has given me weaponry to fight these Demons directly. And so I shall.

I ask that everyone please keep their weight loss advice and beer drinking peer pressure to themselves during my challenge. I know I cannot make you stop, but those kinds of things are not helpful. What I need is acceptance and support. If you cannot offer that, perhaps we'll just keep our interpersonal interactions to a minimum until after February, eh?

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