A Birthday Weekend

I had a fulfilling birthday weekend. Saturday night was the funnest, but I will tell you about that later because I don't want to spill it all right away and lose your interest.

Friday night, I planned to just chill out and relax, because I knew already that Saturday night was going to be a marathon. However, my buddy Stefan begged to differ and planted the compelling idea in my mind that we should go down to the pub for a celebratory beer. So this we did and were joined by a couple of other buddies, Tyler who hosts the Sunday open jam and Tim (aka Eddie) of EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE (EAD), who was actually there coincidentally on a date but hung out for a while after it was done (I heard it went well). The pub, incidentally, was the Vintage Brewhaus a few blocks from home.

Since all in attendance were musicians, we logically talked about cars. Just kidding. We talked about music.

It was not a late night, but it was quite enjoyable. I had promised my friend Sherry that I would go to Jazzercise class with her on Saturday morning and I did so. After the 60 minute aerobic workout, we hit Panera for coffee and bagel sandwiches. Most of Saturday afternoon was spent mentally preparing for Saturday night's epicness. But more on that later...

I am presently concluding my weekend by attending the Sunday night open jam at Funk's Pub in Fitchburg WI, hosted by the aforementioned Tyler. Working backwards, to put a "close parenthesis" on Saturday night's awesomeness to be described presently, I jammed with Rita Witter and her drummer BF at my house for an hour or so before the jam, to hash through five or six tunes we could perform at the jam (which we did). Prior to that, I went over to aforementioned Sherry's apartment to "help her" install her new printer. I was really only there for moral support (teach a (wo)man to fish...) because the thing pretty much installed itself. I just guided her through the couple of not so user friendly obstacles that popped up in an otherwise quasi-automated process. Say what you will about Apple computers, but they pretty much take care of all the cumbersome IT steps for you. As soon as she USB connected the printer to her Mac, the computer presumptuously asked if she wanted to download the installation software from the Internet. After the printer was functional, we ordered ridiculous quantities of Chinese food from the China Wok near her and ate very little of it.

Most of the time before I went to Sherry's was spent mentally decompressing from Saturday night's unleashed frenzy. Sherry and I had planned to hit the Unitarian church again on Sunday morning but she canceled due to an upset stomach. So for most of the morning and early afternoon, I relaxed on my couch and thought about the constructive things I should be doing, interspersed with bouts of watching Netflix.

As usual, my dog Buddy woke me up about 7 AM on Sunday morning for food and morning ablutions. I complied with his canine compulsions (who is the master of who?), but then I went back to bed for a couple hours because Saturday night's shenanigans had deprived me of a great deal of sleep. Actually, it was not so much the shenanigans as the two hour drive to Racine/Kenosha WI where the bulk of said shenanigans took place.

EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE (EAD) played a show at an all ages alternative music venue called Kenosha Fusion on Saturday night. We were the opening act for EAD's bass player's other band, the MATTHEW CHARLES PROJECT. Before we road tripped to Kenosha, EAD rehearsed for an hour at drummer Dan's (aka Frank). I had offered to DD to the gig since we didn't need a lot of gear and could all go in one car. We took my Prius.

The trip to Kenosha wasn't difficult, just long. We encountered a car in the ditch when we were close to the destination, helmed by a couple of teenagers who told us help was already on the way when we pulled over to see if they were alright. The roads were not that icy, so these kids must have been driving pretty recklessly to end up in the ditch like they did. Anyway, we made it to the venue in plenty of time to set up and then EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE blew sphincters out as always. It was not a typical EAD crowd because the venue catered to an all ages and all tastes kind of clientele. By all ages, I mean it was literally very young to very old. But the great thing about EAD songs is that they have a mass appeal to anyone with an open and childish mind. These people generally were such people. Also, because EAD is classy and wears suits when we play live, it gives the performance a much more genuine and professional vibe. The songs are ridiculously childish fun but the suits give it a grown up street cred.

After EAD pounded out our fast and furious set, Matt the bass player performed with his band, which was quite good. Because of the nature of the venue, the show was over by about 10 PM. As it turned out, one of our favorite Madison bands, SUNSPOT, was playing at McAuliffe's Irish Pub in nearby Racine WI. So Eddie (Tim), Frank (Dan), and I (aka Teddy) swung by their show on our way back to Madison. Matt was too tired out to go. SUNSPOT rocked as always and that's where most of the birthday shenanigans transpired. I got a great aerobic workout and had the ingenius (if impractical) idea that SUNSPOT should perform live for Jazzercise classes since their music is so danceable. There is no way this could every transpire, but it would be fun. Some girl at the SUNSPOT show was doing Irish river dancing to their music. I don't think I have ever seen that before.

The drive back to Madison was a long one because of the late hour, but we had a DD and we were still energized from the fun night of rocking. I am not sure what time of the wee hours of morning I got to bed, but it didn't allow for getting much sleep before Buddy woke me up.

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