Day 2 (of 40)

Having gotten a reasonably early night last night, I am able to get a decent night’s sleep and wake up this morning early enough for an hour of exercise on the bike trainer, the resulting endorphin high from which cushions the blow of the first three hours at work this morning.

Breakfast today consists of two organic bananas and an organic apple that I ingest over the course of said three hours at work.

I go home at 11 AM, stopping at the bank en route to withdraw some cash. I let my dogs out, picking up some of the dog turds that accumulated during the recent fortnight of frigid weather, when it was too cold to foray into the yard.

I wash my hands thoroughly after this chore and then eat a bowl of the remarkably good chili I made last night, before returning to work for a 1 PM meeting.

After the meeting, I go over to CostCo and buy a large bag of grain free dog food for the lads. I ride out the rest of the day in my cubicle and return home about 5 PM to decompress for a couple of hours.

About 7 PM, my musician buddy MG comes over with some other musicians and they rehearse some songs in my basement, while I catch up on some volunteer work for WORT FM Community Radio.

I got to bed about 10 PM.

This is the plan anyway.

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