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I am tickled pink that I got my Bluetooth keyboard synced up to my smart phone. Now I can crank out blog posts several times faster. This is probably a bad thing if you hate my blog posts. But so it goes.

Since my mom reads my blog posts, I will go ahead and start this one by saying my quarterly car payment is in the mail. I bought my mom's car last October, for anyone else who cares.

I have a bit of a cold. It's not super bad, but it is a bit flu like. I got a flu shot last fall. So it is either not the flu at all, or else it is a weakened form of the flu since I had a shot.

This one started as a cough and sinus drainage, which led to a scratchy thoat and lung butter. I am pumping fluids and taking all kinds of OTC and homeopathic remedies, hoping for any kind of placedbo effect.

I made a pot of pinto bean chili today. I also went to the Unitarian Church with Sherry this morning. It was OK. I wish the people there were a little bit more sociable after the service.

Since I shoveled snow today for about an hour, I think I will skip my bike trainer workout until tomorrow morning before work, since I am under the weather (sort of a pun) and need to accomplish some other things.

Yesterday, I practiced a bunch of piano, and I will probably put another hour in tonight. It's weird, I practice more now than when I was taking lessons. I think it is psychological, because my teacher was always giving me stuff to practice that was far above my skill level, so I didn't make any progress and got discouraged.

But then last October, I took an easy piano improvisation class via the UW Extension. It was much closer to my skill level, so now I have songs I can work on that are actually playable and masterable, at least within a time frame that makes me feel like I am progressing.

Time management is something I am getting better and better at, but in 2015, I resolve to make sure I block off reasonable amounts of time for things that I want to do. For example, I need to practice piano for at least an hour to feel like I have made progress. 90 minutes is even better.

It's 7 PM now. I know I want to go to bed by 10 PM. Thus, to get 60-90 minutes of piano in tonight, I need to start no later than 8:30. That's reasonable. I have time to eat dinner and chillax.

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