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The thing I like about science news as opposed to other kinds of general news is that science news is almost always positive and uplifting (exceptions, like climate change science, do exist). I am through with depressing news. Thousands of planes took off and landed safely today. Billions of people did not die from terrorist attacks. America did not crumble to its foundation because a black Democrat was elected President.

When I want good news, I go with science news. Yahoo seems to have figured out that I am quite interested in cosmological and physics news, and it throws up a bunch of these headlines for me when I open a browser on my computer. Before I give a quick summary of some of this wholesome goodness in science news, let me say that a lot of the information in these articles sails cleanly so far over my head that I don’t even feel the turbulence in its wake, notwithstanding that these articles are written for the general lay reader.


I have no comprehension of how these scientists came up with this theory that our galaxy might be a wormhole allowing for intergalactic travel, but I believe them when they say the math allows for it to be so. The trick is finding a way to test such a theory. It has to do with the elusive DARK MATTER, which has yet to be physically observed. It may be that DARK MATTER is just a fudge factor needed to explain the observations of the universe under current theory. Perhaps that theory is wrong and DARK MATTER isn’t needed after all.


Again, it is all in the math. Using relativity and quantum equations, scientists determined that some particles may accelerate themselves up to close to the speed of light without the need for an outside energy source and without violating any physical laws. Weird.


It's fun to think about other habitable, or at least life supporting, planets. Scientists predict that some worlds around other stars may support life, if they have a certain chemical makeup, the right size, and orbit their suns at a distance that is "just right" for life (called, appropriately, the Goldilocks Zone).

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