Weekend is Action Packed

Cripes this weekend is going to be tasty. I hope I can survive it. But when you do battle with the Demons of Debauchery, it is fun even if they completely dominate and conquer you.

The thrills kickoff tonight after work when I will meet my friend Alissa and anyone else who wants to show up at Tex Tubbs on the east side of Madison for happy hour. That takes care of dinner as well.

Then I have two local live music options to choose from tonight, at High Noon Saloon and Mr. Roberts. I will likely hit both, taking care to pace myself...

...because tomorrow morning I have a writing workshop at UW from 9 to noon and need to have my wits about me. It is fortuitous that I am on a fitness kick for January that involves no booze (Drynuary).

Saturday afternoon, I sequester myself in the Rock Cave for a few hours of music practice in anticipation of Sunday's maelstrom of rocknroll, which I will get to shortly.

Saturday evening I have a Tinder date for drinks and if that goes well I WON'T be meeting my friend Sherry for a house party in Lake Mills WI. But that's the backup plan if said date has term limits.

Sunday morning I will probably hit a service at the west side Unitarian Church (I know...I know...), in part because I am trying to involve myself musically with them, and the choir has a big concert this Sunday after which I might make some connections, but principally because there is a foxy brunette in the choir that I have my eye on, haha. Yeah, I would never attend a church for churchy reasons!

In the afternoon on Sunday, GUPPY EFFECT is rehearsing and we may then cruise down to Cardinal Bar in the early evening to play an acoustic set at 5 PM for the ArtNest music and art show there.

If we don't do the hippie art thing, I will probably have Rita Witter's band over to my house at 5 to practice before the open jam at Funk's Pub.

And speaking of which, EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE is going to showcase at their first Funk's Jam EVER tonight. So those strapping lads will be over to my place about 6:30 to run a fast and furious set of fun punk rockers before we head to Funk's around 7:30.

EAD is calling all hat wearers and head gear afficianados to flash mob Funk's on Sunday night because we want to capture some video for our hit single "I Like Your Hat."

Sunday night I will sleep like a baby, sans the crapping myself and waking up every three hours to cry and eat.

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