Dog Training and Punk Rock

Tonight I took my friend Danielle's rambunctious dog Lucky to his first behavior modification class because Danielle had a prior conflict.

Lucky did great. Totally obedient. Learned the behaviors as if he already knew them. Ignored the other dogs for the most part (I attribute this to the bacon, ham, and cheese treats Danielle gave me for use in the class...Lucky pretty much kept his eyes on me the entire time).

We did Doggie Zen, where you hold a treat at arm's length and then reward the dog if they keep looking at your face instead of the treat. We did Touch, where the dog nudges your treat free hand to get the treat in your other hand. And we did Leave It, where you place the treat on the floor in front of the dog and make him ignore it, then give him a different treat from your hand. Lucky had no troubles.

I am going to bed so I can get an early start on my day tomorrow and get home from work in time to run the EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE songs once before I head down to the Annex music venue to rock a show with them. I also need a workout in the morning.

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