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I’d like to tell you that interesting things are happening in my life, but all I can say is I started my writing class and so far it is pretty good. Tonight I have to critique my classmates’ assignments and then, time permitting, work on my week two assignments due next Sunday, which I believe are on the subject of TONE ("Don't you use that tone with me!").

It’s also February Album Writing Month (FAWM) and since it started on a Sunday this year, I was able to crank out three tunes the first day, getting a nice start on it. It was Super Bowl Sunday, so I literally had nothing to do all day but work on songs (I am not a sports fan).

My FAWM emphasis this year is to focus on the musical compositions and melody lines, without worrying about lyrics. Lyrics are time consuming and really slow me down. So if I can get 14 compositions produced, I can always come back in later and add some words, using the melody lines (played on guitar) as a guide for the lyrics. I did write lyrics to one of the three songs (Punk Rock Unicorn), on a whim. They aren’t great, but they also didn’t take too much time.

There’s a lot of music stuff happening in my life this week, as there often is. Tonight is my only night off from band practices, in fact. Last night I jammed with Rita Witter’s band and we devised a set list of about 10 songs for the one year anniversary of the Funk’s Pub Jam this coming Sunday (the, if you will…JAMMIVERSARY). 

On Wednesday night, the country band, DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS, is rehearsing in anticipation of a gig at the Port Huron Brewery in Wisconsin Dells on Saturday February 14 (V-Day). I am not thrilled about that gig because we have to run our own sound, which means I will be hauling and running all the sound gear. I asked for an extra $50 for my efforts, but I doubt I will get it. At the very least I hope I can car pool with drummer Jon. I will probably just run my bass direct into the PA so I don’t have to haul a bass amp on top of all that other sound gear. 

On Thursday night, GUPPY EFFECT is rehearsing for our gig on Saturday 2/7 at the Capitol Ice Arena in Middleton WI, where we are the musical hosts for the annual youth hockey fun(d)raiser there. GUPPY EFFECT has done this the past four or five years, I think. GUPPY EFFECT is also going to do a set at the Funk’s Jammiversary on Sunday evening.

The Jammiversary starts at 4:30 PM on Sunday and each band gets about 45 minutes to play. They extend the time to allow this. It is all the bands that have been fairly regular participants at the jam this past year. GUPPY EFFECT goes on at 5:30 and Rita’s band at 6:30. I will probably be doing the live stream of the event online at http://ustream.tv/channel/cactus-joe-productions and staying to hear/stream all the bands. The hockey gig on Saturday is from 5 to 8 PM, so not horribly late.

I guess I will be doing most of my writing class homework during the day on Saturday and Sunday, since I have no other commitments. That probably precludes FAWMing this weekend, so I predict that while I am ahead on FAWM songs right now, I will fall behind this weekend.

Looking ahead, EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE, the punk rock band, has a show opening for LORDS OF THE TRIDENT on Friday the 13 of February at the Annex rock club in Madison. Then it’s off to the Dells for the aforementioned country band gig on 2/14.

So it is a musically action packed month, I would say. Things chill out after the V-Day gig though for a spell.

A freak blizzard moved through Madison this afternoon, so I stayed at work late to avoid rush hour heinousness and write this post instead. However, the time has come to bid you adieu, dear readers. Into the arctic wilds I go…

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