On a Bus

I am on public transportation - a bus to be exact - going from my house (actually 2 blocks away...is the bus stop) downtown, for my writing class. I opted for the bus because the teacher of the class told us there is some kind of wrestling tournament going on downtown and parking might suck. I am low on gas anyway and this way I don't need to pay for parking. I will save about a dollar using the simplest math. Round trip bus fare is $4. Parking is usually $5. My Prius doesn't use a lot of gas, but whatever gas I save doing this can be tacked onto the cost savings. Plus I can postpone having to get gas again until probably Monday.

But of course, the real value of taking the bus is stress relief and peace of mind. No dealing with traffic. No parking hassles. And someone else is driving. Granted the bus has its First World problems. There's the destitute narcissist who asks the bus driver to wait 15 seconds so he can check to see if he has the bus fare. There's the punk assed petty larcenist who takes a seat and immediately starts talking too loudly on his cell phone, bragging about how he totaled his friend's car to get some insurance money.

I thought my writing class was tomorrow but it is today, which presents a conundrum, because today is also the last day of February Album Writing Month (FAWM) for which I still need to write about 8 songs. That means I can't begin churning out songs until about 6 pm tonight. FAWM closes at midnight at the International Dateline, which gives me until 6 AM Sunday to finish and upload the 8 songs. Since I have no intention of staying up past 2 AM (I like sleep), I have a bold ambition to do about one song per hour starting as soon as I get home from class. This is actually doable...but it means no advanced production, just an acoustic guitar and whatever lyrics I cobble together. They will be sketches to elaborate on later if any are good ideas. The only forseeable caveat to this plan is if I hit upon some pure genius and decide to put all my eggs into that one hit basket. Then I will not achieve the desired quantity of songs (8) but I will get a probable hit song. I am definitely a QUALITY vs QUANTITY kind of guy when it comes to songwriting.

I am almost to my destination so will have to sign off. I will end by saying I hope this writing class offers some opportunities to sketch out some song ideas and maybe lyrics.

Riding the bus is fun and productive. Stay tuned, dear readers.

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