Rock-n-Roll Time is Nigh

What day is it? Thursday already? Cool. I am looking forward to the weekend. Work was a bit of a bear this week. It’s not hard or anything. I am just getting pulled in different directions. My boss loaned me out to another department to help them document some procedures, but there is some internal chaos in that group as to what procedures are the priority. So as soon as I start down one path, I am told to put it on hold, because I might be going down another path. I try not to care. I mean, either path, I am getting paid. But it is a little bit frustrating to be spinning my wheels why they figure it out. I don’t want to waste their time and money, nor mine. But when the project does get moving, it should keep me busy. Lots of procedures need creating and updating.

But I am violating my policy of not talking about work in blog posts. The point is that I am glad the week is almost over, because the weekend is going to be productive and fun. I have writing class homework to do during the day on Saturday and Sunday. That is actually going to eat up most of my weekend time, because I wasn’t able to get a jump on the assignments this week like I did last week, due to all the band practices. I may have a chance to work on the assignments tomorrow (Friday) for a little bit.

Saturday evening, GUPPY EFFECT is performing at the Capitol Ice Arena Youth Hockey Fun(d)raiser. It will be our last show as a cover band. Sunday evening is the Jammiversary at Funk’s Pub, the one year anniversary of the Sunday night weekly jam. GUPPY EFFECT is playing at 5:30 PM and I will probably live stream the entire event starting at 4:30 PM and going until about 10:30 PM. That means I need to have all my writing homework squared away by early Sunday afternoon. That means decent nights of sleep Friday and Saturday nights.

I have GUPPY EFFECT band practice tonight to run down the hockey gig setlist. So I had better sign off. Ciao!

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