The topic for week 3 of my writing class is STRUCTURE, specifically a facet of structure: The difference between expository writing and narrative writing.

What it basically boils down to is that expository writing is done in a straightforward, informational manner. There are no opinions or embellishments, just facts. Narrative writing is more engaging, subjective, opinionated, and descriptive. It can be informational, but embellishes with visualization. To wit, narrative writing SHOWS rather than TELLS.

That's simplifying it a bit. But that's the gist.

Expository writing is typically what is used in non-fiction, like journalism reporting or textbooks. It conveys facts in a rather dull way, which is why it is typically not very engaging unless you are actively seeking knowledge.

Narrative writing is used more in creative non-fiction and fiction. So as usual, there will be three exercises this week - a non-fiction, a fiction, and a creative non-fiction. I am going to start on my assignments tonight (Wednesday). They are due Sunday and I expect I will be doing more than 50% of the homework on Sunday, given my busy schedule.

Tomorrow night, I am taking my friend Danielle's dog to a dog training class, because it was rescheduled and she had a conflict. That should be interesting. I have never attended such a class before. Her dog, Lucky by name, had homework this week too. He had to learn the "look" command. I think such classes are really more about training the owners than the dogs, but I am happy to help out when I can.

Friday night, my punk rock band EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE is playing a show in Madison, opening for a band called the LORDS OF THE TRIDENT, who are having a CD release party. If I am not out too late, I should have a block of time on Saturday to work on writing class homework some more, but around 3 PM on Saturday I will have to head out en route to a gig with the country band, DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS, up in the Wisconsin Dells. That gig is 5 to 8 PM, so I should be back to Madison at a decent enough time to get a good night's sleep. In the morning on Sunday I am doing my taxes with Pam, my awesome accountant. I hope I get a big refund. I sometimes do. Then I can spend the entire afternoon on Sunday finishing my writing assignments. I have the option to go to the open jam at Funk's Pub on Sunday night if my homework is completed to my satisfaction by then.

Structured time management and planning will be the key this weekend. The next couple of weekends I have pretty wide open from gigs, I think.

Since I feel the slight beginnings of another cold coming on, I am fully planning to get an early and heavily sedated (Benadryl and herbal sleep aid) night's sleep tonight. But I wanted to at least sow the seeds on my three writing homework assignments before I go to bed. I am writing this blog post to kind of limber up before I do that, but also because my mom has been enquiring about the dearth of blog posts lately. It's the main way she stays current on my goings on. HI MOM!

The shortage of posts has to do with redirecting my writing efforts at my writing class homework, but there is really no good excuse not to hammer out a few words on the blog every day. I just can't get carried away.

So I suppose now is a good time to sign off. Ciao!

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