Best Eddie Ate Dynamite Show Ever

My punk rock band EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE played our 8th and best show ever last night. My performance on rhythm guitar and backing vocals was impeccable and I had zero biffs, that I knew of. The stage mix was well balanced and clear so I could hear what my bandmates were playing. The audience was energized and appreciative and they danced and cheered, respectively. I even got rockstar parking near the venue we played at - The Frequency. It was the first show we have played where everything flowed and felt second nature so that the band could focus a bit more energy on stage presence and crowd interaction. My suit jacket was freshly laundered, dry cleaned, and pressed as well.

Before the show, I had sushi for dinner with a friend who is also a fan of EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE and associated bands in Madison. She had planned not to come to our show, citing fatigue and artistic pursuits of her own, but after dinner we got a drink at Genna's Pub a block from the Frequency and she reconsidered, probably mostly due to my class and charm (I kid...on the square). She ended up coming to the show and staying until the end.

I am remarkably tired this morning. But it is a satisfied kind of tired - the kind that comes from a tough but enjoyable job done well.

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