Cruising Toward a Classy Weekend

Another work day is winding down. Tomorrow, another work week will be winding down, because tomorrow is Friday.

This is the sixth and final week of my writing class. The focus is on mechanics, mainly grammar and how to format a manuscript. As such, the writing assignment is open ended – a free write. We can write whatever we want. That’s right up my alley, mainly what I do when I blog.

I plan to start my writing marathon on Friday night after work and finish it on Saturday some time. I have no idea what to write about, but I will probably brainstorm scenes for the novel or novella I have in mind about a rock-n-roll band from out space that tries to take over the world with brain numbing bland pop music, that turns its listeners into soulless zombies. Sound familiar?

My dog Buddy seems to be on the mend. The medicine he is taking for his diagnosed Cushing’s Syndrome must be working. The main thing I have noticed is that his appetite is reduced. He has always been a voracious eater, but the past few months it seemed like he could never get enough to eat. Now, he eats his food slowly, sometimes walks away from it, and often doesn’t finish it all. It may be that the medicine makes him a little queasy. He is still drinking a lot, but less than he was a week ago, and no accidents in the house (knock on wood). He also hasn’t collapsed in the last couple of days, at least not in my presence. He seems in a better mood too, more active and alert.

EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE is playing this weekend. Saturday night we are opening up for a friend’s band from Beaver Dam WI called Chances Thrown, at Mr. Roberts Bar. We have band practice tonight, in fact, to freshen up for that gig. After I finish my writing homework on Saturday, I will most likely refresh the songs once more on my own before the gig. The rest of the weekend I will focus on prepping songs for my other bands: GUPPY EFFECT, BABY ROCKET, and Rita Witter’s as-yet-unnamed band. This will probably transpire mostly on Sunday, prior to the open jam at Funk’s Pub on Sunday night.

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