Downregulating and Disenfranchising Political Rhetoric

I am making an effort to minimize my consumption of and reaction to political rhetoric. Every individual person has a responsibility to themselves to be educated and informed about politics, cutting through the manipulative corporate mainstream media soundbites that are willfully designed to use emotion (often fear and hatred) to cloud rational judgment.

My only advice to everyone is to spend 30 to 60 seconds thinking rationally about any issue.

For example, when Jeb Bush says publicly to the corporate mainstream media that "people have a right to discriminate against gays," ask yourself, "what if I replace the word 'gays' with the word 'blacks'?"

Because it was not too long ago when in fact people did say it was OK to discriminate against black people. So consider the historical context. What will people 50 years from now think about how silly it was to discriminate based on something so stupid as your sexual orientation?

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