Drinking Coffee After 5 PM is Not Smart

I foolishly drank some coffee tonight before I headed down to Willy St Pub to guest on the Jimmy K Radio Show with my punk rock band, EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE

The radio spot was fantastic. We performed semi-acoustically for a bunch of cool friends and fans, and it was tons of fun.

But the coffee plus the adrenaline rush of rocking was too much for my poor brain and when I got home, I was still wired and wide awake. 

So I went into the Rock Cave and performed a quick 2 minute Mini House Concert. By then my brain had calmed down a little.

I read a few pages of "God Hates Us All" by Hank Moody and wrote this post. Now I think I can finally fall asleep. Maybe...

Biff move there, Joe.

Morning may be rough but I am bike commuting into work so that should pump me up. Half day tomorrow...nice.

Hail Satan!

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