I Resisted Pie

At work today (3/12/15), it was Pie Day, in honor of Pi Day (3/14/15), which falls on a Saturday this year, and thus cannot be collectively celebrated by many corporate workplaces. So they had it on a Thursday, and they had a pie contest and they were selling pieces of pie for a buck or two.

I am on a 5 day fitness kick right now, consuming low carbs, so I used will power to resist eating pie. This is not a huge accomplishment actually. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and usually if I eat sweets, my body rebels – I get head sweats and my sympathetic nervous systems kicks into overdrive, making sweet eating a not tremendously fun experience. I do like occasional sweets though, and last night I failed in my challenge by eating some Girl Scout Cookies at the writers’ workshop I attended. Thus I am redeeming myself today.

I bike commuted yesterday and today, and plan to tomorrow, since the weather is nice. In addition to my eating healthy this week, I feel like I am burning away calories at a decent pace. At the end of my challenge, tomorrow night, I will weigh myself and see how I am doing. If the results are not as promising as hoped, I will penalize myself with an extra 2 days of fitness challenge, which will include EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE’s road trip up to Oshkosh to rock a show at the Reptile Palace. Normally, I would probably have a couple of beers at such a show, but if my fitness goals do not permit it, ginger ale it will be.

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