Leisure Day

Today is a leisure day. That is to say, a day when I have no pressing obligations. EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE rocked an incredible show last night at the Frequency to a great crowd, and has no impending shows for a few weeks. Thus, I can focus on some other artistic pursuits for a spell. I have post rocking afterglow this morning. I am taking it easy. I threw in a load of laundry and I am going to eat a late breakfast shortly.

Naturally, I will make maximal use of this free day. I will work on music starting in the early afternoon, probably a fair amount of jazz piano. The High Metal Council forbids rocking before noon, but not writing. So I am writing this post quick before the #rocknrollworkday begins. I'll also practice some GUPPY EFFECT songs in anticipation of our semiacoustic gig at Cardinal Bar tomorrow (Sunday) night, 4-5 PM. If I have time I will work on writing a new song and tape a Mini House Concert performance.

Around 9 PM tonight, I will more than likely head over to Mr. Roberts Bar, even though they are on my #shitlist right now, to hear EAD Tim's other band, GOVERNMENT ZERO. I won't be drinking any beverages there because I am having a mini boycott of Mr. Roberts as retribution for their bartender stiffing EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE out of our guaranteed pay when we played there a couple weeks ago. The boycott ends whenever either of the following two things happen.

1. Mr. Roberts pays us the $75 dollars owed for providing our rocknroll services, professionally and to completion on March 7, 2015 (this fact is not disputed...the headlining band did not meet their obligations on that night due to illness, but we had no control over that and upheld our end of the bargain, because we are classy, so we were owed our full share).


2. The $75 owed is nickeled and dimed away from Mr. Roberts via my sanction of patronage until such time as the outstanding account receivable is satisfied.

It should be noted that there is a 100% convenience fee associated with the retribution outlined in #2, so I cannot patronize them again until approximately $150 has been recompensed in the form of lost sales and tips to the bar and bartender, respectively. As such, it behooves Mr. Roberts to choose option #1, which has no fee associated and would wipe the slate clean, allowing my patronage to resume immediately.

For those who may think I am being silly, understand that I take very seriously "being the change I want to see in the world." Other than small claims court (possible option 3?), this was the best thing I could think of to ensure justice and the fair treatment of local live bands, such as my own. Poor treatment of hard working musicians is total anathema to me and I belligerently and pugilistically resist it. It won't impact Mr. Roberts' bottom line at all, I'm sure, but it is more of a symbolic gesture than anything else...it is a free market, after all, but with that freedom comes responsibility to be fair and just. 

If you agree that music venues should treat bands fairly and not exploit them, please join me in my boycott by coming to Government Zero at Mr. Roberts tonight and joining in solidarity to drink only water with no ice (uses uncompensated bartender bandwidth and a cup with no ice takes longer to fill from the beverage gun...thus expediting the retribution), or BYOB and smuggle it in (I am not condoning this, but it is an option...).

Did you like how I turned that around at the end to still be a shameless promotion of GOVERNMENT ZERO's show tonight?

NOTE: The views reflected in this post are solely my own and not those of any of my bands or associates.

Comment if you like this idea. But not if you don't...

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