Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. It's Tuesday March 17, 2015.

This past Sunday night, before I went to the open jam at Funk’s Pub, I sat down to rehearse some songs on bass and it was then that I realized how exhausted I was from the fantastic week I had last week.

At the prior Sunday’s Funk’s Jam, I had found a lucky penny on the floor. As you know, I am not superstitious, but I believe lucky pennies work for a lot of rational reasons. They put your mind in a positive frame of reference so you can recognize good opportunities and be more motivated to take action that improves your good fortune. Arbitrarily, I tell myself a lucky penny works for seven days.

I pocketed the lucky penny. The next day (last Monday), I received in the mail a $10 off coupon for UNO’s Pizzeria in Madison. That was unexpected. I was probably going to receive it anyway, but I attributed it to the lucky penny, since I was within the window of its beneficial effects I had defined for myself. I also took the restaurant coupon as a sign to ask a woman I recently met out for dinner, to get to know her better. She accepted, another perpetration of said penny, no doubt, and we settled on the following Sunday to meet at UNO’s. Monday night is when I also started doing a daily (actually nightly) Mini House Concert in my jam room, where I film myself playing a song on guitar, solo acoustically. That kept me up pretty late as I ironed out a few kinks in the process.

On Tuesday of last week, my rather phat Federal tax refund was direct deposited in my bank account. Again, this was going to happen anyway, but the timing could not have been better. This event covered Day 2 of the week of good fortune granted by the penny. I also had Eddie Ate Dynamite band practice on Tuesday night, which is always a positive thing. I did another Mini House Concert late on Tuesday night as well.

Wednesday through Friday of last week were unseasonably warm spring days, the first of such after a cold winter, and I was able to bike commute to work all three days. That was unexpected coincidence. Wednesday was also recycling and garbage pickup in my neighborhood, as it is every other Wednesday. Wednesday night there was a Creative Writer’s group critique session at a nearby library that I attended, even though I was pretty tired out from my two previous nights of doing Mini House Concerts. The group critiqued a very short piece I had written for my writing class. When I got home from that, I cranked out another Mini House Concert video.

Thursday I bike commuted again and had Guppy Effect band practice that night. We worked on a handful of new songs, including Roundhouse, Two Minutes or Less, The T’Baccy Song, and Peace Frog (the only non-original song of the bunch). I was pleased with the progress made on Roundhouse, a challenging original song. Drummer Jon had the smart idea to slow the tempo while we learned and mastered the various parts. Another late night Mini House Concert video rounded out Thursday night.

I bike commuted on Friday too, the best weather day of the week. That night I fired up my gas grill for the first time since fall, even though it was still partially embedded in a snow bank, and grilled some steaks for dinner. Then I took it easy Friday night after a fulfilling but exhausting week (eustress, not distress), though I did pound out another Mini House Concert.

On Saturday morning, I met my good friend Sherry for brunch at the HyVee CafĂ© near my house, before returning home to meet Tim (aka Eddie) of Eddie Ate Dynamite for our road trip up to Oshkosh WI for a gig. We loaded my Prius and carpooled up to my buddy Todd's place in Oshvegas. I won’t rehash the Oshkosh fun here, but you can read about it in this other post: http://joescoffeefix.blogspot.com/2015/03/oshkosh-road-gig.html.

In summary, Oshkosh involved Legos, a brew pub, a punk rock show, and an all you can eat pizza bar.

Tim and I cruised home in the early afternoon on Sunday. I did a few things around the house before meeting my date at UNO’s. We had a very classy date and enjoyable conversation over dinner. She’s a woman of high calibre and great taste. Definitely on my top 10 list of all time fun dates, even though it was platonic (and I have been on a lot of good dates!). I am thinking seriously about starting a Dinner Date Club where friends of the opposite sex take each other out on fun platonic dates to get better acquainted with each other and local eateries, with no expectation of romance (although romance wouldn’t be prohibited at all, if it happens...).

It was after the date, when I was practicing songs at home, that I realized how tired out I was from the week of awesome fun (and partly food coma from the pizza too, I guess). I was actually dozing off as I was playing bass riffs (but I kept playing them, even subconsciously). 

My attendance at the Sunday night open jam brought the lucky penny week full circle and I slept really hard on Sunday night. Even today (Tuesday…and lucky St. Patrick’s Day, funnily enough), I am still only about 80% recovered.

Thanks for a great seven days of good fortune, lucky penny!

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