Lucky Penny Addendum

This morning, I posted about finding a lucky penny at Funk's Pub last night and how that I believed it would grant me seven (7) days of good fortune, through a combination of positive thinking, wishful doing, and placebo effect.

Interestingly, when I brought in the mail after lunch, what should I discover but a $10 off card for Uno's Pizzeria. Now, obviously, I was probably going to receive that discount card anyway, so the two things are most probably completely independent occurrences.

Still, I can say that Day 1 of my seven days of good fortune has been a success. So let's see what tomorrow brings. Actually, I know what tomorrow will bring. My kickass punk rock band, EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE, is guest appearing live on the Jimmy K Radio Show. The scheduling of that pre-dates finding the lucky penny, but it still qualifies as good fortune, meeting the requirements of the lucky penny's daily good karma quota.

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