Lucky Penny

Last night at the Funk's Pub (Fitchburg WI) open jam, I found a lucky penny on the floor. It was a shiny one. Superstitiously speaking, a lucky penny grants one seven days of good luck. I am not superstitious, but I can make a rational case for why lucky pennies actually do work to bring a week of good luck to whoever finds one.

The short explanation is that it is a bit like the placebo effect in medicine - mind over matter. When patients are given a placebo they think is actual medicine, some report feeling better and more amazingly they even show improvement in emprically measurable clinical metrics. This is why studies of new drugs include a control group of people who receive placebo, because even if the drug itself is useless, some people will have positive effects from it and that "placebo effect" needs to be adjusted for. If the drug and placebo have the same results, the drug is no good.

This is related also to the power of positive thinking. Some say that positive thinking about things like love and money can bring you good fortune in those departments. If there is any truth to this, then it is a bit like the placebo effect. People feel more positive about their current lot in life and thus gauge their fortune to have improved, even if it really hasn't in empirical terms. It also could restructure a person's thinking to be more open and receptive to fortune-producing opportunities. For example, wishful thinking about starting a small business could become wishful DOING when the person translates their thinking into doing something pragmatic about it through positivity.

Lucky pennies can even work bi-directionally as far as cause and effect. This week, I am due to receive my fairly substantial tax refund. I was due to receive the refund irrespective of finding that shiny penny last night. But perhaps my pending good fortune restructured my thinking to be more observant for telltale signs of good fortune, such as noticing a penny on the floor of a fairly popular sports bar in town. Not at all a surprising place to find some discarded loose change. It should be noted, I actually thought it was a dime when it first caught my eye, because of its blazing shininess.

So I am certain to be observant for good fortune this week. One thing that falls in this arbitrary seven day window of luckiness is my punk rock band EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE's first EVER out of town show this coming Saturday. We are heading up to Oshkosh WI to perform with a couple of other bands at the Reptile Palace, a cool rock club. I am sure it will be a fun time regardless, but due to lucky penny placebo effect, I will be having significantly more fun than usual.

In my mind at least...

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