Morning Ride That Almost Wasn't

THIS was my morning bike commute this morning. I was feeling quite lazy about bike commuting this morning and was going to bail on it, but then I saw that my friend Danielle bike commuted and my amicable competitiveness kicked in. So I thank Danielle for the passive unintended motivation. I also discovered later that my friend Sherry bike commuted as well, so I would have felt like a total loser if I didn’t bike commute. Danielle and Sherry now work together at the same company, which outside the scope of this post but is good information regardless.

It was a chilly ride in. Although it will get up into the 60s today, it was only in the high 30s when I left the house on my cruiser bike. On the bright side, my later than usual departure meant I did not have much car traffic to contend with. There is only a brief stretch of my commute that is annoying due to oblivious and/or entitled automobile commuters, but it is still nice when it is bereft of cars.

I listened to my iPod biking in. I have a good mix of tunes on it for bike commuting – uptempo, energetic songs.

Other than a cup of coffee with almond milk, I didn’t eat any breakfast this morning, but I did get a protein rich salad at the salad bar at work. Hopefully that will tide me over until I bike commute home this evening. Tonight, EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE is going to do a bit of recording in my basement home studio, mainly laying down a click and some scratch instrument tracks.

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