Politicians Are Harshing My Happy

I make a concerted effort to avoid divisive political issues, but they seem to be everywhere today, forced upon us by politicians who really have no leadership ability or visionary ideas, but who escape scrutiny by redirecting the public at controversial emotional issues that are irrelevant. I have started listening to more music radio stations to avoid anything about politics on the radio. That works OK, except most of today’s music is crap, so I resort to the oldies station. It’s harder to avoid divisive issues online, but I am making a big push to do it. Life is too short for nonsense like that.

Last night, I got to watch my country band, DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS, from the audience perspective, since our alternate bass player was on deck for the happy hour set at the High Noon Saloon from 6 to 8 PM. But at the end, they graciously let me jump up and play a couple of songs. Here is my rendition of "She Left Me for Jesus" by Hayes Carll. I like this song because it is actually kind of a true story...

At the end of this post is another video of my rendition of "Just Dropped In (to See What Condition My Condition Was In)" by Kenny Rogers and First Edition.

Tonight is Wednesday night, and that means GUPPY EFFECT band practice. Our next show is on Sunday 3/22/15 at the Cardinal Bar in Madison WI, around 4 PM for the Art Nest art fest that is there. They liked us when we played this event a few weeks ago. So we will be back again.

Tomorrow night, it’s EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE practice, in anticipation of a gig this Saturday 3/7/15 at Mr. Roberts Bar in Madison and another gig on Saturday 3/14/15 at the Reptile Palace Rock Club in Oshkosh WI and another gig on Friday 3/20/15 at the Frequency Rock Club in Madison (for the Bomblastica party celebrating 19 years of publication of Maximum Ink Magazine, a local music and entertainment rag in Madison). I love having gigs every weekend, a result of diversifying my band portfolio. I now play in about 5 bands, so the chances are pretty good that one of them will have a gig on any given weekend, even if each band only plays once or twice a month (about the average pace, I’ve noticed).

This is the final week (week 6) of my writing class. I think this last week branches from the core principles of fiction, non-fiction, and creative non-fiction and gets more into the business side of writing…getting published. But to be honest, I have not opened and read the actual assignment yet. I am drawing on memory from earlier in the course when the teacher gave us a basic overview of what each week covered. I seem to remember that the business of writing was covered in one of the weeks and since this is the final week and we have not covered it before now, I am making a logical guess.

Friday night and however much of Saturday I need will be devoted to finishing my writing class homework, before I have to head out to play the EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE gig Saturday night. Hopefully, I will get it all done on Friday night, so I can work on music practice on Saturday, for which I am getting rather behind due to work and the class assignments. EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE has added a couple of new songs and they have tricky harmonies, so even though we are rehearsing Thursday night, I’ll still have to hone my parts on Saturday before the gig, as well as work on some GUPPY EFFECT original material we are adding in that band. Time permitting, I will also practice some new material that Rita Witter’s band is adding, although I can work on that on Sunday as well. That band practices Sunday night, and then we will probably hit the open jam.

Busy but fun!

As promised, here is the other video...

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