Sports Wins Again and America Loses More Intellectual Capacity

The open jam at Funk's Pub is canceled tomorrow night because the Badger's college basketball team has a game that overlaps with the time frame.


Score 1 for anti-intellectualism.

Hunter S. Thompson warned us about the sports-industrial complex but no one heeded him. Now look at us...

Unbeknownst to Funk's, they may not even be able to receive the Badger game broadcast, because for whatever reason it is only being shown on TRU-TV, a cable or satellite operation, and not network TV.

Chances are good that Funk's has TRU-TV, since most credible generic sports bars do, but I kind of hope they don't as karmic retribution for canceling the jam. An irregular jam schedule at Funk's hurts long term attendance at the jam because people who come to expect a jam every week lose confidence and don't come.

So Funk's has not only advanced anti-intellectualism but also hurt their own bottom line.

If they don't have TRU-TV, they are also going to have a riot on their hands when people turn up to watch the game and can't.

Good luck, Funk's Pub, and may God have mercy upon your soul.

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