The Sunday Protocol

9 AM. Wake up. Dress myself. Feed dogs and let them out. Drink coffee.

9:45 AM. Load bass guitar in my car. Pick up Stefan and carpool to GUPPY EFFECT band practice at Jon's.

10 AM - 12 PM. Rock GUPPY EFFECT tunes for Cardinal Bar set (see 4 PM) and new material.

12 - 1:30 PM. Chillax. Maybe eat.

1:30 PM. Cruise over to Capital Brewery in Middleton WI.

2 - 3 PM. Socialize with friends at Capital.

3 PM. Depart Capital Brewery for Cardinal Bar in downtown Madison.

3:30 PM. Set up small PA for show.

4 - 5 PM. GUPPY EFFECT rocks an all original semi-acoustic set of tunes for Art Nest.

5 PM. Tear down and load gear in car(s). Perhaps go get something to eat.

6 - 8 PM. Free period.

8 - 10 PM. Work on music in my basement jam space since Funk's jam is canceled for a lame reason.

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