Writing Class Week 6 Assignment

My writing assignment for this, the sixth and last week of the writing class I signed up for, is to do a free write of up to 3,000 words on anything we want. Anything. We can even revise and update a prior assignment for the class if we want to. I feel relieved, but also a little bit short changed. I guess it would make sense that the teacher would want to see how our writing may have improved after five weeks, by reading a free form writing assignment. But I am feeling ambitious in my pursuit of writing skills and methods. So I don't feel like a free write is teaching me anything new. It's just a brain dump of whatever I feel like writing about. Actually, I started the assignment already, and it is off to a strong start. It involves my imaginary Id and Ego characters, Chet and Biff, respectively. Perhaps they will go on a brief adventure tomorrow, as I finish my free writing assignment.

But first, I have to take Foster to the vet for a test in the morning and then pay the exorbitant vet bill for all of Buddy's veterinary needs the past couple of weeks. It shouldn't be more than $500 or so, by my calculations. Buddy seems to be much better. The pills he is taking for Cushing's Syndrome appear to be having the desired effect. He is not eating or drinking nearly as much now.

Hey, this post was kind of like a free write. Maybe I should turn it in.

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