An Interesting Development

So, this is weird.

My dog Foster gave birth to puppies last night, and consequently is not a male dog after all.

Foster had been gaining a lot of weight for a few weeks, and I had no idea why. I was thinking of going to the vet soon to see what was going on, but since Foster seemed to be in good health in every other way, I put it off to save money on vet bills.

When I woke up this morning, I heard weird squeaky noises coming from the living room and when I investigated, I discovered Foster being “attacked” by what looked like a half dozen hairless rats. I thought I must still be asleep and having some kind of nightmare. It freaked me out. But on closer inspection, I saw they were tiny puppies suckling on my dog’s “teets.”

I called the vet and she was as surprised as I was. I surfed the web and apparently, in rare cases, Boston terriers can be hermaphroditic (have both male and female sex organs). So even though he was castrated by his previous owner, she was never spayed because everyone assumed Foster was 100% male.

In retrospect, a couple months ago, I had found spots of blood around the house, on furniture and carpets. I assumed one of my dogs had cut himself on accident and thought nothing more of it, since the spotting had stopped shortly thereafter. But it may have been Foster in heat!

The other thing I cannot figure out is what dog impregnated Foster? Both my neighbors have male dogs, but my yard is completely fenced in, so I am thinking someone walking their dog must have let their dog into my yard through the gate to play with Foster when he was outside.



Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!! What will you do with the puppies? I am concerned about them...

Joseph Leonard said...

I already have a Vietnamese restaurant that said they will "take care of them" for me. April Fools!