Eddie Ate Dynamite Resumes Practice

Tonight, my punk rock band, EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE, resumes its Tuesday night practice schedule, albeit sans bass player Spots.

The band was on a brief hiatus from practices while drummer Frank was galavanting around Europe for a fortnight. I have to say, I am looking forward to practicing again because I am probably a little bit rusty on the songs and we have a house concert show this coming Saturday (at my house).

We are working on a new song, though I am not sure if this will be ready by Saturday. I will most likely record the rehearsal so that we can share the demos with Spots and he can hone his bass lines remotely. I will also use the recordings to gauge how rusty I am on the songs and improve my performance ahead of Saturday’s house show.

As for the house concert, it is 5-9 PM at my house. We’ll grill out around 5 PM and the music should kick off about 7 PM. In addition to EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE, lead guitarist Eddie’s other band, DR. NOISE, will play. There is a chance that BEKA KILLJOE, an acoustic punk rock solo act, will also play.

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