How My Dog Buddy Almost Kiboshed My Bike Commute Today

I bike commuted today, but I almost didn’t. My dog Buddy has fallen into another one of his fits of dementia, where he starts stumbling around the house, retardedly crashing into walls and things like he has lost his vision. To me, it seems a little bit like the dog equivalent of multiple sclerosis, and there is a canine condition called degenerative myelopathy for which Buddy has many of the symptoms. Buddy also becomes a bit incontinent during these episodes, so I have to crate him with some pee pads until he comes out of the dementia state. He came out of it in a couple days the last time he had it. That’s what makes it so odd, that it comes and goes.

Anyway, Buddy’s pacing woke me up when he came pacing through my room and banged into the wall this morning, notwithstanding the fact that I took some Benadryl and a natural sleep aid last night to help me sleep through such things. I called the vet at 7 AM to get advice, but she wasn’t in until 8. I had hoped to get on my bike sooner than that. While I waited for her to get into the office, I prepped my bike bag with work clothes and the like. I finally got ahold of the vet around 8:20 and she said there wasn’t a lot I could do except wait it out. But she did prescribe me some pain meds, in case the condition Buddy has is related to his weak back legs and hips.

Since there was little else I could do for Buddy, I bike commuted into work around 8:30 AM, which made me slightly late (I had alerted my boss to the situation already…). Because I had to go pick up the pain meds after lunch, I bike commuted back home over the lunch hour and then drove to the vet for the pills. I drove back to work after that, which was an unfortunate reality. But at least I still managed to get a bike commute in, even if it didn’t save me any mileage on my car.

I had Buddy in to the kennel over the weekend when I road tripped out to Iowa. He may have had a traumatic experience there that sent him into his fit, or perhaps the unfamiliar environment was confusing to him, notwithstanding the fact that my other dog Foster was with him to keep him company. We’ll see what happens. Buddy isn’t going to live forever, but I want his remaining days to be relatively good quality.

Tonight I will probably buy some ribeye steaks at CostCo and fry them up so I can use the juice on Buddy’s food to get him to take his meds. I’ll also enjoy the steaks.

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