I Voted Today

On election days, I usually vote between 8 and 9 AM, en route to work. Today was no exception. I was voter #92 at my polling place and I think that bodes well for voter turnout, since I am usually around voter #11 in that time frame when elections are poorly attended, notwithstanding that the pundits were calling for a low turnout. If there is a higher turnout, I suspect it is because of the disastrous outcome of the last election, which was a result of a lot of people apathetically not voting. Not wanting to make that mistake twice, the formerly unmotivated voters (who tend to be lazy moderate liberals) probably compelled themselves to get down to their polling place. Maybe it is because the Wisconsin Badgers lost their basketball game last night and Wisconsin voters were like, "Damned if I am going to lose my democracy too!" Anger can be a strong motivator.

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