I road tripped to Ames, Iowa this morning. I had a free weekend from rocking so I decided to visit my Iowa friends. It's good to get away occasionally. I was overdue for a visit. At this moment I am sitting in a super comfy easy chair, binge watching Louis C.K. on Netflix, while drinking a Boulevard wheat beer from my buddy Bryon's kegerator beer fridge. In a couple hours, I will go gorge myself on one of the world's best pizzas at Great Plains Sauce and Dough Company. Then I'll go to a show. It'll be chill and super fun. I am wearing all black and wearing my favorite band t-shirt, EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE. I know I shouldn't toot my own band's horn, but it's a good shirt, a nice cut of polyester infused cotton that augments my middle aged contours. Not a half bad band either...and I may as well introduce these Iowans to the classy punk rock meme. After the show I'll probably force down a gyro from a street vendor before retiring for the night, precluding any compelling invitation to attend an after bar or spend the night in the company of an intriguing woman.

I'll head back to Wisconsin tomorrow after sleeping in and, if all goes well, eating a nice greasy breakfast at the Village Inn. I'll probably make it back to Madison in time for the open jam at Funk's Pub.

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